Kathleen Laurel Sage – Textile Artist

Hello, my name is Kathleen Laurel Sage and welcome to my home page. I just love to create, inflict, and infect fellow creative folk with the bug to create master and perfect their creativity.

For those who do not know me, I am a freelance designer and embroiderer who for the last 20 years or more has been extensively producing a wide range of innovative textile works using a soldering iron and a heat gun to make conventional items and exciting 3-dimensional pieces using machine embroidery as the common link.

 Whilst I love using my sewing machine, I also enjoy all sorts of mixed media work and traditional hand sewing in the form of goldwork with a modern contemporary twist where I enjoy using diverse fabrics and controversial Indian cords to create golden stitched pieces that reflect my hand-drawn designs.

 I love to explore unusual materials and have no problem using them all together in a mixed media way. Playing with materials such as PVC and other types of plastics challenge me to pull on all my technical abilities and skills to blend traditional techniques with contemporary designs and unusual mediums to construct beautiful textiles that brighten my life and feed my passion.

I draw my own designs and continually add source and reference material to an ever-increasing visual and stimulating collection. This collection of work draws on and allows me to dream and design in my head, before putting it down onto paper. I then and exploring all the realities and numerous possibilities that lie ahead of me. For me, this dreaming process is part of the act of creativity and is as important to me as the finished piece, creating the building blocks and foundation of my work.

On this site, you can view a diverse selection of my work and techniques that may inspire you, together with kits that could start you off on a creative path. Also, on this site, I have a list of events where I shall be giving talks, demonstrations, and teaching workshops. You may also wish to search my blog for articles or items of interest that might not have been uploaded to my website.

I hope that you find my site inspiring and thank you for looking. Our craft is forever evolving, and every day brings a new idea and a creative way of achieving it.

Enjoy your craft. It is part of your natural wellbeing.