A Little About Me

My fascination with textiles has always been part of my life. From those early childhood days spent around a table with my sister making cards. Then being taught to crochet and sewing patchwork hexagons. To later in life when I took up classes and college courses to learn and push myself in the different areas of embroidery and design.In 1998 having spent some 9 years studying many embroidery subjects and gaining City and Guilds part 1 & 2 Patchwork and Quilting and part 1 & 2 Embroidery I embarked on a OCN Diploma in Textiles at Tresham Institute, Kettering. Looking to combine and stretch my skills to a new level. My work is inspired by the flowers and foliage within my garden and from rural Bedfordshire, England, where I live.

I have a passion for floral and leaf designs featured strongly in the architecture of many of our English country houses. These houses often have idyllic designed gardens. I frequently visit many of them, taking with me my camera and sketchbook documenting them in quick little drawings to be referred back to at a later date.

I represent these drawings in machine stitch, outlining them in deep rich threads through layers of organza fabrics to create a wide range of innovative 3-dimensional floral structures, fashion accessories, curtains and hangings.

The fabrics are sheer in their construction and appear transparent allowing light to filter through and change their tones and hues.

They range from deep rich colours through to subtle shades and by carefully mixing them beautiful soft colour merges occur as a result, adding depth and tone.

Use of a soldering iron is necessary to finalise the design and to add details, while beads, wire work and stumpwork help with decoration, 3-dimensional flowers and leaves.

I frequently teach, lecture and contribute projects for many of the National Stitch and Embroidery magazines whilst still running a home and keeping my family happy and organised.

More recently I have become fascinated and inspired by plastic and its see through appearance. Used in the past to support and structure my Organza fashion bags and jewellery, this plastic has qualities that enable large amounts of continuous textural stitching and its clear appearance can be changed by using spirit based inks and various paints.

Experimentation with stamped images, trapped layers of tissue and organza fabric in merging colours have resulted in a new series of work. PVC textiles all laminated together with image outlining and textural surface stitching.


Kathleen Laurel Sage - August 2017