Gallery of Work



Gold and Metal WorkGold work is a form of embroidery where Padded gold leather and couching gold thread down on to the surface play a large part in its appearance although surface embroidery is often used in the form of satin stitch to add colour and shading.Predominantly I work simple stylised designs using couching cords to outline my shapes and padded leather, simple filling stitches, sequins and beads to add details.More recently I have begun to use gold acrylic paint in areas of the designs. This helps me achieve yet another dimension to the many textures and tones of gold throughout the work and stitching can still be worked in conjunction with it. laminated-structure-with-hand-stitched-plastic-flowers-smallFor the past few years, I have become fascinated with embroidering directly on to plastic.This came about when using it as a backing or support structure for the Organza technique making Fashion items in the form of bags and jewellery.This plastic is unique in that it is extremely flexible and is manufactured clear, giving me options to use it straight from the roll or change its colour if desired.

It can be stitched as one piece or two can be used to trap fabrics and threads between, laminating them together with your stitching and paint can be added to change its look and transparency.



flame-daisy-necklace-small1I have a passion for Organza fabrics. They come in many beautiful colours and are semi see-through so when layered over each other new mid colours are formed. By layering them together between water soluble film I can stitch my design without the sewing machine eating the delicate fabrics.Working reverse appliqué on areas allows the under colours to show through and finally the use of a soldering iron seals all the edges. sun-goddess-close-up-small1Stump work is a technique that incorporates both surface stitching and raised and dimensional elements on to the same piece of embroidery giving an overall 3 dimensional look to the work. It is a hue technique based subject covering raised wired elements through to padded satin stitch and free standing needle laced elements all of which can be used to form leaves, petals and making clothing for figurative embroideries.Predominantly I create small works using flowers and insects as my inspiration, many of which have been published through Classic Stitches and Stitch with the embroiderer’s guild magazine.