Drawings and Samples for waterfall panel

I had a lovely day today [Sunday] Everyone was out and so i spent the entire day down the studio working on my samples to go in my design book for my New Zealand project June next year 2013
I have been looking at this waterfall that i fell across in Hampshire several years ago. I didn’t have a camera to hand which was a pain but i did have this odd shaped slim book, some felt tip pens and my travelling water colour set. Oh and a black Biro pen.
I made quick marks and simple drawings and boy they were quick becoz the family were bored and wanted to move on.
The drawings did spur  several pieces of work and finally a waterfall panel was made in Organza fabrics with wired and dimensional flowers and leaves over hanging the waterfall.
The finished piece is to be taught in New Zealand but the book needed to be finished as all the samples were randomly lying about with some in the book and many not even with it.
Today was that day. the little book is now all up to scratch and i have up loaded a few samples to show what i have been up to.

falling water lines and froth lines drawn with felt tip pens
Machines covered string could be used to suggest the movement lines

meandering sticth lines to suggest water movement 
Flowers and leaves falling in front of the waterfall
Acrylic paint sploges with free motion stitching details and outlining
Blossom falling in front of the waterfall
Acylic paint sploges and machine embroidery details