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News Release: Starting Tutorials on YouTube

Hi Everyone

The time has come to try something a bit different from the norm. So I am putting myself in the hands of my daughter Julia, who is going to use me as her project to get her social media skills up to par. This means that you are going to see my face and hear my voice on YouTube where Julia will be pushing me to make some long time coming tutorials. Our new trailer is already up there in YouTube land and we have 33 subscribers in three days.

We’re starting small and hoping to build it up as we learn on the job all about what we need to do.

The first thing we’ve needed to do and have now just done is to invest into some new tech so please be kind and stay with us as our first video is launching this week and has a soft edge appearance. By this I mean it could be better and cleaner but this does not detract from the great first job Julia has created.

First tutorial up will be a small Glitter Film Artist Panels that I have reasonably just taught at The Festival Of Quilts 2018. So for those of you who could not get onto my workshop, you will be able to have that experience at home and in your own time.

What is glitter film? Well, you will have to watch the tutorial and find out what this wonderful product is all about.

Please remember to like the tutorial and subscribe for free

See you all soon


Block Printing Holiday – Jaipur, India (1st -11th October 2019)

Book your place and come and join me on this exciting block printing holiday. Book at Colouricious Holidays.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Explore the lanes of Sanganeer – the historical home of block printing and see wooden printing blocks being carved
  • Attend at least 5 authentic hand block printing fabric workshops
  • Lots of fabric retail therapy at local markets and the most gorgeous shops! Special requests – if you are looking for something specific and special to you, let us know and we can source and arrange that idea for you.
  • You will be travelling to a village outside Jaipur to take part in a Dabu Mud Block Printing Workshop
  • There will be free time for you to choose to do whatever you wish usually at the end of each day’s activities

Transfer paints

It’s amazing how things turn out when your in a hurry. This is a quick painting of some yellow flowers in my garden that I have painted onto photocopy paper with transfer paints, ironed it on to white synthetic fabric and then enhanced it with machine embroidered details and quilting. I didn’t think it was a bad outcome concidering it was just over two hours work. It’s a sample but now I understand it’s uses and how it behaves I’m gonna be doing a lot more with transfer paints. I even feel the urge to use it to make a wall hanging. 

Shisha mirror embroidery

I’ve had great fun learning how to sew shisha mirror within an embroidery. This is one of three pieces I’m getting ready for an upcoming workshop. My theory is to beguile students with a bright and interesting hand stitched embroidery so that they come to class and learn how to apply the shisha mirrors instead of buying them pre made and stitching them on to their work 

Sharpie Pens and Rubbing Alcohol

The lovely John joined the monthly printing and painting fabrics class ho day at Tudorrosepatchwork patchwork shop. Here he is so engrossed in dispersing his design across the fabric that he hadn’t noticed me doing pics . 

This is great run for anyone to do. Just draw and colour in on fabric with the sharpies , then disperse the inks out by dropping drops of the alcohol in to the centre or on certain areas to make the colours run in each other.