Machine embroidered dragonfly panels

13 lovely ladies arrived on Friday evening for a weekend course at Alston Hall overlooking the Pennine hills . We had a wonderful three course meal and then I ruined their day and told them they were going to draw their own designs. After the initial shock they all settled down and produced really good strong designs before retiring to bed to get over the shock, some having to go via the bar for a strong toddy to help.
Saturday morning we layered up the designs and went to work on the stitching . By late afternoon some really interesting pieces were well on their way and I was so pleased with the ladies. By drawing their own designs they had taken ownership of it and once we started to cut back some of the areas to expose the hidden colours beneath, life began to flow through them. After lunch and into the evening the soldering iron took over and my ladies were happy. Everyone loves it when we get to the soldering iron bi of the technique.
I was so mores see with their work that I could of pinched every piece.
Sunday morning flew past fast with everyone trying to finish up so that we could have a final show of everyone’s work just before the finish of the weekend and lunch
Check out the ladies work below its awesome