Taupo Symposium New Zealand

What a well organised and wonderful symposium . My classroom is fine considering we are utilising the science classroom and the facilities are good throughout the college . The symposium team are looking after all of us international teachers and have organised a sight seeing trip along with a bus to take us all back and fort to the college. Picknick type lunches have been provided each day with yummy sandwiches and cake packed in a cardboard lunch box.( this is a really  good idea) and today at lunch time I managed to sneak off to a lecture at lunch time by Susan Cleaveland from the USA. Boy she did make me laugh.

My first workshop was a two day one called Waterfall panel. The ladies were amazing and we got some pretty awesome pieces finished or nearly finished over the two days.
I was so impressed with their work that I just had to put it up so you could see it. 

2 thoughts on “Taupo Symposium New Zealand

  1. Lynette (NZ)

    Looks like lots of fun. I was so happy to discover you through your sunflower quilt in the exhibition. I particularly love your organza pieces. Have linked to you in my latest post. Glad you enjoyed your time in NZ

  2. Kathleen Laurel sage

    Thanks Lynette
    So glad you liked my Sunflower hanging at the sympossium
    I did bring another piece along as we'll but the ladies didn't hang it because they didn't want to pin it ( even though I had given them permission to do so)
    Working with organza and th ordering iron is such a passion with me and I can hardly wait to get back to my studio to start a new design based on my time here in New Zealand. Watch this space as I am so fired up to create from the wonderful pictures I have taken as I traveled around.
    Have fun being creative
    Warm wishes

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