Gold Work Poinsettia

I thought you might all like to see that I have at last finished my Gold work Christmas workshop. This piece has been on the go since early July and has been all the way to the other side of the world [New Zealand] and back again. “Did I do any sewing on it when I was in NZ”. That will be a big fat NO No because I was to busy teaching and enjoying myself meeting new people and travelling.
Never mind its finished now and today I delivered it over to Tudor rose patchwork shop for display and signing up to.
If you have never had a go at Gold work before, then you really should. It doesn’t have to be worked in traditional techniques. Today I use a lot of modern approaches such as the use of gold acyclic paint to give a smooth surface against the couched cords and purl pearl and I quite like to use leather as a free standing item and not always heavily padded with felt. Basically as long as I am using everything gold it is gold work and just to stop confusion I refer to my pieces as contemporary Gold work so I can then get away with MURDER