Gold work dragon workshop

It’s only taken me four weeks of working on this dragon every evening to get him finished for my upcoming work shop. I just love a bit of extra pressure in my life to get my samples done. When will I learn to start earlier.

Jasper the dragon has been a true creation from the outset and most if not all things I had planned in my head did not happen as planned. He sort of developed by trial and many errors, but hey I call that designing on the go and change as I need to as I work through it.
I have used traditional gold work techniques to work him and the background fabric had its colour added to the surface with a brayer roller applying acrylic paints. The paint does make it harder to push the needle through but it’s nice to be able to work on to a colour of your choice.
All I have to do now is take Jasper to the shop for the ladies to see and sign up to do him.
That’s another job jobbed. Now for the next sample.

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