Launching My New Gold Work Book

Here’s my first dabble into publishing my own Gold Work designs. This is for you to learn the traditional techniques of Gold Work with my own unique brand of contemporary glamour. It cost £10 And there are 11 projects and several patterns for you to play within this compact A4 edition.  Published to give you access to my designs and to encourage you to explore and play around with traditional and everyday gold bling in a relaxed manner. The book is for all levels and I actively encourage you to change and add a little of yourself to each project you try.  For too long many have felt that they couldn’t attempt this glorious heritage embroidery skill. Now is the time to have a go and find out if it is your thing. If it is then you can move to other techniques, authors, further reading and more expensive materials knowing that you do indeed like Gold Work. You will also know whether you’re a traditional kinda embroiderer, a contemporary kinda embroiderer, or a bit of both.  Whichever you turn out to be is really irrelevant, as we need to push the boundaries and take our creativity into the future. I hope you enjoy using the book.  

You can find it in my online shop here.

Kathleen x