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Tidying Up Before I Can Get Creative

Yesterday I couldn’t even see my desk to even think about getting creative so there was nothing for it but to get stuck in and clear it up. After a hour or so trying to push it all back against the walls I managed to find the desk, immediately stopping and sitting down to get creative. It would of been easier to go down the studio but the weather was horrid and wet and I couldn’t be asked to weatherproof up to go down there.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon drawing and trying to iron out the logistics of my next sample for Tudor Rose shop (a flower obelisk).

It’s going in the right direction but like most things I need to get going on it to iron out the things that inevitably won’t work.

Felt lazy in the evening so plonked myself in the chair and finished my gold work sample of snowdrops while watching something on the telly that I didn’t need to concentrate on a lot

All in all I achieved quite a bit today.