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Leather Journal Made Using The Sewing Machine

I love working in leather nowadays and am getting some really fab results using Husqvarna cut work needles in a free form Kathy way. I made this leather journal for my niece Sarah who just had her birthday. Prior to this I had made her mum a book and Sarah had asked for one for her school notes ad appointments. It only took me another year ha ha to squeeze her into my hectic schedule but we got there in the end and I was so pleased with the end result . I now have a yearning to make myself one in black green and cream as I have been hanging on to the most amazing piece of lime green leather for several years now and not knowing when or if I would use it. Now I know exactly what to do with it. I just need the time which isn’t happening at the moment with Alexandra Palace starring me in the face. Oh well watch this space you never know.

Cutwork and Pieced Leather Journal

Oh I have been having fun the last couple of days with my cut work needles.

I have made the journal pictured below from all the bits left over from the bags I made and I am so pleaded with the smooth way it went together and the finished result.

It must be good because my sister has made a point of ordering herself one for Christmas which I always know means I’m on the right track re item and design concept. I also have a queue of other friends who would love to have a bag so I’m defiantly on the right track.

I have got another journal cut and ready to go but have had to put it on hold because last night I went to the theatre with my husband. The trouble is when I get going on something new I can quite easily forget to be sociable and have to remember I am married to a marvellous man who sometimes likes to go out with his wife and do sociable activities like eating out and going to the theatre or pictures occasionally.

Today being Sunday should afford me time to work on the new journal especially if the weather holds and he goes out in the garden to cut grass. I can then go down the studio and sort of be with him.