Patchwork Students of 2014 Exhibition (Part One)

It was a real treat to see my students work set out for viewing by the customers of the shop. Here are some of the fine work produced from the “Printing fabrics for patchwork and embroidery monthly course. The course covered mono printing, stenciling, stamping, dying using Procion MX dyes, marbling, transfer printing and many other techniques. I was so proud of all of their hard work and everyone who came had only the best words to say about the work.

2014 Student Exhibitions 3-1

2014 Student Exhibtions 3-2

2014 Student Exhibitions 3-3

Stumpwork Embroidery

I have just finished my next stumpwork embroidery sample for upcoming workshop. Thanks goes to Wendy Honeyman in Louth for enabling me to teach at her fab new studio where I started this piece to show her students how it was achieved.

For those not in the know stumpwork consists of many raised techniques applied to surface and padded embroidery. This piece demonstrates free standing embroidered and wired leaves and petals with raised leaf stitch and laced chain stitch. I hope the girls in Louth have enjoyed finishing their project.

Lastly check out Wendy’s studio in Louth. She has got some great classes coming up

Transfer paints

It’s amazing how things turn out when your in a hurry. This is a quick painting of some yellow flowers in my garden that I have painted onto photocopy paper with transfer paints, ironed it on to white synthetic fabric and then enhanced it with machine embroidered details and quilting. I didn’t think it was a bad outcome concidering it was just over two hours work. It’s a sample but now I understand it’s uses and how it behaves I’m gonna be doing a lot more with transfer paints. I even feel the urge to use it to make a wall hanging. 

Shisha mirror embroidery

I’ve had great fun learning how to sew shisha mirror within an embroidery. This is one of three pieces I’m getting ready for an upcoming workshop. My theory is to beguile students with a bright and interesting hand stitched embroidery so that they come to class and learn how to apply the shisha mirrors instead of buying them pre made and stitching them on to their work 

Sharpie Pens and Rubbing Alcohol

The lovely John joined the monthly printing and painting fabrics class ho day at Tudorrosepatchwork patchwork shop. Here he is so engrossed in dispersing his design across the fabric that he hadn’t noticed me doing pics . 

This is great run for anyone to do. Just draw and colour in on fabric with the sharpies , then disperse the inks out by dropping drops of the alcohol in to the centre or on certain areas to make the colours run in each other.