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Machine Embroidery Trees

This is the first class of the year for my machine embroidery class, so to loosen them up and to get them moving freely we made machine embroidered trees in rayon thread using the sewing machine. Next month we will be attempting machine made needle lace.

Machine Embroidery Trees 1

Machine Embroidery Trees 2

Machine embroidered flora bunds antique hanging

Wow what a weekend .

I was over on the Licky Hills just past Birmingham with the Keep on sewing group organised by Pam NEAVE. What a group. They are so talented and prolific with their varied crafts. The ladies could make a great travel holdal with the very patient and talented Janice or Gail Lauther was on hand with the most stunning bias patchwork scenes and inspirations from New Zealand. Lastly there was me with my machine embroidered, appliqué and patched Antique flowers. Take a look at the ladies achievements, they are stunning

Snowflake in September

Snowflake swag nearly finished. It just needs a gold bow with long tails added to the top and its ready to go. It was so hard making snow flakes when it’s still warm and sunny. Glad it’s nearly done because all it does is remind me how much Xmas is going to cost me this year and how hard I’m going to be working to afford it. Ha ha!

Machine embroidered Art Deco tiles

Six enthusiastic ladies came and spent the day learning how to use their sewing machines as a painting instrument. The aim was for each student to produce a small square with a floral motif stitched in place, the design being completely coloured in with free motion stitches worked in small movements to creat a coloured surface on top of which they machined any details . All ladies did really well but as expected some machines had their moments and caused the usual frustrations that can be associated with free motion embroidery. Below are a selection of lovely little 2″ by 2″ tiles created on the day.

Essence of Blackwork

The LOVELY ladies from up north worked really hard on their machine stitching to produce simple panels in black thread on white to resemble blackwork. The day went so quickly but that’s because a considerable amount of it is taken up with eating the absolutely scrummy food that Alston Hall keeps feeding us. The classes and class rooms are great, the views are wonderful, the food is awesome and the staff marvellous. What more could you need for a residential weekend of complete stitching

Machine embroidered and soldered dragonfly panel

I had a lovely time at Tudor rose patchwork shop on Saturday where eight ladies worked so hard to achieve their panels. Several had never done free motion embroidery before but they sat quietly and by the end of the day they turned out a very high standard piece of work for a first attempt. I was so pleased for them and hope it has inspired them to join me in some other classes

Machine embroidered tiles 2nd day

Today’s weather wasn’t much of an improvement on yesterday’s so I spent a second day glued to my sewing machine. I am hooked on embroidering these little squares and am pleased with the final outcome. I would love to find time to make some more to use as greetings cards and I can now keep my scissors safe with a posh new scissor keep also made from two of the little embroideries . Found my stick it and save it book where I had some more small embroidery tile samples so now all I have to do is drop everything off at the shop and hope they inspire students to book on the workshop.