12 Watt Miniature Soldering Iron

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12 watt miniature soldering iron.
Fantastic for a comfortable hold and for precision burning and cutting on smaller items.

Postage covers First Class within UK Mainland.


Price: £29.99

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2 thoughts on “12 Watt Miniature Soldering Iron

  1. Sylvia Delk

    Hello. I am new to your lovely web site and products. I am interested in purchasing 12 watt soldering iron. Will the electrical plug on this unit work with USA electrical plugs? Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Kathleen Post author

      Hi sorry for my delay in replying but I have been out of the country leading a tour in Jaipur India with little or no WiFi
      The 12 watt soldering iron would need to be used with an english to us adapter or maybe you could try sourcing one in your country. If you can not then the adapter would need to be sourced and a 12 watt iron purchased. Hope this answers your question and again so sorry you have had to wait a while arm wishes


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