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Alston Hall Arrival

Oh my god. How can we possibly have a drought when i have just driven through some of the worst weather i have experienced in some years.
I left home at 11.00am this morning to make my yearly teaching trip to Alston hall, Preston and it has deluged all the way up here. At some points i really couldn’t see the road and just had to guess i was driving straight which is a little off putting when your driving over the Pennine mountain range and you have a dirty great lorry next to you.

Never mind i have made it and have struggled in with all the stuff i will need across the next couple of days. I’m now pooped and sitting down to write this as i may not get to it over the next couple of days depending on how my students decide to work me.

I always enjoy coming here to teach as there are no televisions in any of the rooms except the common lounge area and i can really think and get some designing done in peace and quite. No kids yelling. No adults yelling. No house hold jobs to do. It’s lovely.

The house is a old house overlooking the Pennine mountains and is set in lovely gardens with a wood to walk through, The rooms are en suite and the beds are comfy. The food is all home cooked and next week i will not be eating as i will be at least half a stone heavier.I say what the hell as i will be working hard and we all know its lovely to be cooked for.

I am going to spend the evening finishing my miniature Baltimore quilt and i might start to make the crochet flowers needed for the bag full of crochet flowers workshop coming up.

Alston Hall

Arrived at Alston Hall today having driven through some of the worst rain I have experienced in a couple of years. HOW CAN THEY SAY WE HAVE A DROUGHT I’ve seen more than my fair share today and every reservoir I’ve passed has been full full full. Oh well I’m here now and ready to teach tomorrow.

Minstal landing
My bedrooms off of here

Love the arches!
I must do and embroidery with these as inspiration

Sky light at Alston reception
Lovely stained glass work
Taken from my window [Yes i know its blurred but you get the gist]
What a miserable day
Through the blur you can see a deer
If it ever stops raining I’m gonna read my book here when i get my free time