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Poppies are out

Wow the poppies in my garden are just coming out.
This small 3 by 4 inch embroidery is made from strips of organza heat zapped with a heat gun to cause a shrinking back and melting effect to the background. Simple long stitches and bullion knots used to give perspective and finally circles of organza again heat zapped to make the shrivel and represent my poppies.
I think poppies are one of my most favourite flowers, graceful as they sway in the breeze.They never last long enough for me to get my fill of looking at them.

Goldwork Poppies

I recently taught this Gold work project with 10 new ladies. The day always goes so fast and you don’t seem to have much to show for it at the end of it. None the less this project should keep them very busy for the next couple of weeks and hopefully they will have enjoyed it and book on to the next class.