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Transfer paints

It’s amazing how things turn out when your in a hurry. This is a quick painting of some yellow flowers in my garden that I have painted onto photocopy paper with transfer paints, ironed it on to white synthetic fabric and then enhanced it with machine embroidered details and quilting. I didn’t think it was a bad outcome concidering it was just over two hours work. It’s a sample but now I understand it’s uses and how it behaves I’m gonna be doing a lot more with transfer paints. I even feel the urge to use it to make a wall hanging. 

Shisha mirror embroidery

I’ve had great fun learning how to sew shisha mirror within an embroidery. This is one of three pieces I’m getting ready for an upcoming workshop. My theory is to beguile students with a bright and interesting hand stitched embroidery so that they come to class and learn how to apply the shisha mirrors instead of buying them pre made and stitching them on to their work 

Sharpie Pens and Rubbing Alcohol

The lovely John joined the monthly printing and painting fabrics class ho day at Tudorrosepatchwork patchwork shop. Here he is so engrossed in dispersing his design across the fabric that he hadn’t noticed me doing pics . 

This is great run for anyone to do. Just draw and colour in on fabric with the sharpies , then disperse the inks out by dropping drops of the alcohol in to the centre or on certain areas to make the colours run in each other. 

Machine embroidery

Take a look at some of the wonderful machine embroidered flowers that the lovely ladies made on their residential at Alston Hall. Preston over this weekend.

They were all a great bunch and worked so hard on their embroideries

Traditional marbling

Today I played with floating marbling inks and paint on proper liquid size which I had to make up.

This technique is quite different from marbling using shaving foam and wonderful flowers and leaves can be achieved with a little practice as well as all the other general marbling patterns.
I used Deka marble medium and Methocel. They both worked but the Deka medium was easier to use and didn’t stink the house out like the Methocel did.
I would now use the Deka marble medium in preference as it also makes up smaller amounts and therefore is not as wasteful.
I also worked on to Indian cotton because I fancy making a quilt at some point but any fabrics or paper etc can be used.

Marbling fabrics and shaving foam. Wow great fun and so easy

This is my second go at marbling using hubbies shaving foam and I must say I’m very Pleased with the results. Okay I can’t get some of the traditional designs because in this technique the paints don’t float on the surface as they do with traditional size. But. Wow it’s so easy that I can go without the hassle of the traditional method or I can do the basics this way and get the others by going to the effort of mixing the seaweed size to float my paints.

Check out my results on the shaving foam technique

Marbeling fabrics and discovering from happenings

This whole marbling of fabrics has really got me hooked. It’s exiting and frustrating all at the same time.  Yesterday I played with the Easy Marabu marbling paints which say they are for fabrics until you read the small print where it tells you they can’t be washed ( this just made me cross) as that was why I had spent time playing with them . I packed them away at this point as they were messy and I could feel my patience going.

I sat for a while with mum and we brain stormed over the technique, finally coming up with mixing acrylic paint with cooking oil. Our theory being that the oil would float on the water and hold the paint. This produced wonderful bubble effects within the marbling that I really liked. The only thing was that I couldn’t comb through the water because the droplets of oil didn’t drag on the surface. As the comb went though them they just separated into more globules of oil. I laid my fabric over the tray and loved the captured result. 
The fabric was then laid on to brown paper to soak up some of the oil before being ironed between brown paper to soak up and remove remaining oil and set the acrylic paint to the fabric. I then washed it in hottish water and fairy liquid to make sure any lingering oil came out and that the paint had fixed firmly to the fabric.
Although not exactly what I wanted to achieve I have learnt that I could achieve bubble effects across my marbling by dropping oil on top of the design just before I lift a print from the size. I now need to test this further , just to make sure it happens like this every time. Watch this space and I will let you know