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Marbling fabric on husbands shaving foam

Wow what fun. I really was quite hoping this was going to be a disaster, just because it was so easy to do.

Well I was dead impressed with the technique and my students next week will be too.
It was quick, easy, not to messy and the results were good.
I used Dylon fabric paints and normal acrylics to try it out and both were very successful . I even bunged them in the washing machine to check that they did remain permanent, which they did. 
Tomorrow I will try them on wall paper paste and traditional size.
I’ve never marbled before because it always seamed a lot of prep but this was sooooooo easy that kids can do it

City skylines in mixed media embroidery

Hi all I have just finished these city skyline embroideries of places dear to me. Paris , London and my home town of Bedford. Photocopies of my own drawings have been worked on to striped and stitched fabric backgrounds with free motion embroidery used to add details to the buildings. Das clay was used to make some of the buildings which were stitched in to place to give a dimensional appearance and wired or paper cut out trees were added to embellish and help with the distance of the skyline. I really enjoyed making these pieces and thought you might like to know that they are a workshop planned for teaching in five weeks time at Tudor Rose Patchwork if your interested in something different and contemporary come and give city skylines a go.

Pop up exhibition in Bedford with Mr x stitch

Preview night was very interesting with many x stitch comments flying about. Jamie however was totally confident with his talent and was having none of the stereotyping that is associated with x stitch. I however found it very interesting listing to both sides and my husband who came with me made for interesting talk over a meal where he gave a very valid argument on why he personally found x stitch interesting from a mans point of view. Sorry girls, you may find x stitch beneath you nowadays but I have it first hand from a man that it is an over looked and inspiring technique which needs to be explored further . Go Mr x stitch for comtempary x stitch.

Machine embroidered flora bunds antique hanging

Wow what a weekend .

I was over on the Licky Hills just past Birmingham with the Keep on sewing group organised by Pam NEAVE. What a group. They are so talented and prolific with their varied crafts. The ladies could make a great travel holdal with the very patient and talented Janice or Gail Lauther was on hand with the most stunning bias patchwork scenes and inspirations from New Zealand. Lastly there was me with my machine embroidered, appliqué and patched Antique flowers. Take a look at the ladies achievements, they are stunning

Organza flower pots

Here are some of the new kits for the fashion and embroidery show at Birmingham. These flowers will not need to be watered and will look good all year round. Just as well realy because I’m dreadful at remembering to water my plants and need hardy beauties on my window ledge. 

Painted fabrics

‘Just something a little different to get me going at the start of the year. I have been playing with printing my own designs on to fabric with a new class running alongside me to keep me on my toes. So far we have had one class and looked at roller printing and mono printing using acrylics. I am finding the girls in the class quite inspiring too as I am having to keep one step in front of them and already have heaps of ideas that I just don’t have th time to exercute. Very frustrating in some ways but refreshing also.

Next month we are going to over print the work we did this class with hand made rubber stamps to add interest. 

Crochet felted bag kit

I have so enjoyed making up this crochet bag which once worked and assembled was thrown in to my washing machine with three tennis balls and felted to give this really strong and usable bag. I brought it as a kit which is really weird because it’s normally me designing a kit, not me buying one. This kit came from Judit at Monster yarns, Bedford as a knitted kit. I’m not all that at knitting so I crocheted it instead and the result was just as good as knitting. 

It was lovely when felted but you know me, if there are no flowers involved I’m not a happy woman. So I decided to give simple bubble wrap wet felting a go and make my own felted flowers to embellish the bag. The wet felting was so easy and I soon had several felted flowers to go on my bag. Whilst the flowers were wet I dabbed in some wood glue so that when dry they would hold their shape, which they did fantastically. I also made extra felt to cut leaves out of which when dry I dry needle felted on to the  bags surface. The flowers were then beaded in their centres and attached in to position on the bag at the same time. It was such fun and so different from what I normally do and teach. I really enjoyed my Christmas project and now have the burning desire to get going on another bag which I will design this time. Thanks Judit your kit was an inspiration to me across the festive holidays

Recycled dusty swag makes new table centre for Xmas day

Would you believe these leaves were red and green and orange until we sprayed them , glittered them and curled them.
All sprayed and dry ready for free form creativity
Wire wrapped onto the original and looking quite professional

Finished table centre all made from a dusty old swag destined for the bin. Now it can grace my festive table for several more years and I wil enjoy remembering what good fun it was re painting and spraying them with my daughter before spending a peasant afternoon on a discussing wet day making a new wreath