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Here Comes The Girls at The Knitting and Stitching Show 2013

Every year these two lovely ladies brighten my day as they present themselves at my stand at Alexandra Palace wearing yet another stunning costume which they have made. This year the stunning combination of blue and yellow was really eye catching. No wonder they come to the show for a couple of days. So many people want to take pictures of them that they need the extra day to get round the show. They truly are a walking exhibition in their own right and I can’t wait to see what costume they make for next year. “Girls I think you’re great!”

Organza Poppy Panel

Finally I have finished the last of the five new kits for launching at The Knitting and Stitching Show in two weeks time. The new kits are all long panels with added elements made that are arranged on top to give a dimensional appearance to the panel. The pieces can be arranged so that they overhang the panels edges or they can be arranged on top of themselves to create depth to that shape. Spent last night writing the step by step instructions so all I need to do today is print, pack and stack and that will be another job jobbed. To all the girls in New Zealand who had a copy of the poppies to take away home. This is what it should come out like. Have fun!

Quick and Easy Organza Flowers for Festival of Quilts (NEC Birmingham)

When asked to do two one hour slots on the learning curve at the Festival of Quilts I was stumped by what I could offer. This meant my brain had to gear up and extract yet another project from thin air and these simple flowers that are made to look quite complicated were born.

Based on what I normally do they are much simpler and the need for a soldering iron is an option for these as they can be achieved to the same standard with or without using one.

They are great because this is another project that uses up all my waste scrap organza and makes me feel good as every last bit of organza is working for me and not going on the studio floor or worst still in the bin.
The sewing thread is simple black machine thread and its colour acts as a strong contrasting edge showing off the simple flower design which is only enhanced by layering several shapes together and adding some beads to their centres and making some beaded and wired loops to splay out from behind. They make stunning corsages and are relatively quick to make. I tried them on quilted and appliqués squares and they looked stunning as they were in relief to the appliqué and instantly I had another project to further there use.
They would look lovely as decorations to evening bags and quickly make a fascinator with a few feathers added.
Anyway the ladies at the show hopefully were excited enough by my samples to take their stitched flowers home and finish them completely to see their potential.

I’m now off to make some more flower arrangements to decorate the quilt I am inspired to make for my stand at Alexander Palace and to launch these delightful flowers as a new kit.