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Here Comes The Girls at The Knitting and Stitching Show 2013

Every year these two lovely ladies brighten my day as they present themselves at my stand at Alexandra Palace wearing yet another stunning costume which they have made. This year the stunning combination of blue and yellow was really eye catching. No wonder they come to the show for a couple of days. So many people want to take pictures of them that they need the extra day to get round the show. They truly are a walking exhibition in their own right and I can’t wait to see what costume they make for next year. “Girls I think you’re great!”

Organza Poppy Panel

Finally I have finished the last of the five new kits for launching at The Knitting and Stitching Show in two weeks time. The new kits are all long panels with added elements made that are arranged on top to give a dimensional appearance to the panel. The pieces can be arranged so that they overhang the panels edges or they can be arranged on top of themselves to create depth to that shape. Spent last night writing the step by step instructions so all I need to do today is print, pack and stack and that will be another job jobbed. To all the girls in New Zealand who had a copy of the poppies to take away home. This is what it should come out like. Have fun!

Ally Pally (Sunday)

Left home to collect Julia at 6.45pm for the last day of the knitting and stitch show. Good journey down but a long day commenced with the dreaded break down at the end of it.

Thankfully Julia is great at packing and balancing things on the trollies so we were out and on our way home within 35 mins and home by 7 pm.

We dumped everything through the front door and bless him, hubby had tea done and a large glass of chilled white wine waiting. Putting away took me all of Monday and some of Tuesday but I’m ship shape now and ready for the onslaught of more samples for upcoming work shops.

I really enjoyed the show and hopefully some new adventures will come out of it but I am glad to get back to some kind of normality. Love the picture of my daughter wearing my fascinator. She was as fresh as a daisy on Sunday while the rest of us were weary and worn out.

Ally Pally 3rd day

It was manic today. You couldn’t pass up the aisles where we were and as for getting off the stand to spend a penny. FORGET IT. Thankfully Carolyn who works along side me is a real brick and managed to crawl out under our table and go and look after as many of us exhibitors as she could. She stood in for Margaret Beal and Kay maxwell who were thankful for a quick jump of their stand . Later in the day she did the coffee run when we were all gasping, generally looking out for everyone. (She’s a real star)
I taught on the learning curve and the keen ladies all worked like crazy making wired and beaded flowers to wear as a corsage on their jackets. That’s all my learning curve duties done now so tomorrow I can concentrate on doing my thing

Great Girl Fashion at Ally Pally

Look who dropped by my stand today at the knitting and stitching show.
Pat and Mar from the Netherlands sporting their amazing costumes made specially for their visit. I think they looked great and was astonished by the amount of embroidery covering the clothing. I did laugh when the girls flashed me a glance under their petticoats where they had matching bloomers to match.
Then I was shown a matching bag and a pull along trolley with a chair that dropped down for a little sit down when shopping became to much. The girls were completely coordinated and it all looked very impressive. We’ll done girls and I hope you fill that trolley with loads of goodies

Ally Pally

The first day of The Knitting and Stitching Show opened today and was packed all day. There seemed to be more people than last year or is it that I’m another year older and it just appears like that.

Quite a odd set up this year as I am directly across the aisle from Margaret Beal of Burning Issues and I think we were both a little uneasy as to how we would do trading so close to each other. Good news is that it doesn’t appear to be an issue and we both did well for our first day even if between us we managed to bung up the isle with interested customers.

Journey into the show from our hotel is terrible but thankfully it’s only once a year.

Tomorrow I want to go in early so I can look at all the yummy exhibitions and find out what’s new this year.

My new kits for the show are going down well with my little boxes and fan kits walking out fast. Dragonfly canvas is yet to get going and may need a push tomorrow . It’s a LOVELY kit.

Alexandra Palace Knitting and Stitching Pressure

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t been very good with my blogs lately. In fact they have been none existent due to a really busy period running all over the country and trying to restock for the big show of the year.

I have spent the last two weekends, one in Harrogate giving a talk to the LOVELY ladies of Yorkshire and visiting the shops where YES they have a Lakeland and last weekend I was in North Wales giving a workshop to the keen ladies of Wales.

All of this week has been work work work to re-kit the stand which is going well and hopefully will leave me with time to finish some new pieces of work for my display.

This weekend is looking like trouble as Julia my eldest is moving out and into her first house so everyone will be needed to help her and I doubt I will get any of my stuff achieved. Mind you next week will then be quieter so I will get things done double fast hopefully. Failing that I can always get distracted by Fudge the puppy who has settled in very nicely and he and Archie the older dog are now firm friends and mischief makers.