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Waterfall Panel for New Zealand

Wow! What a blistering hot weekend. Only problem was that i just didn’t want to be doing any sewing.

Instead I added some finishing touches to my waterfall sketch book and took this photo so that you can see the outcome. Now all I need to do is work out how this rather dimensional piece is going to travel all the way to New Zealand next July. Looks like I’m gonna be posting another parcel.

Made from layered strips of organza, machine embroidered between water soluble film. Raised flowers made from bonded organza, machine stitched and wired in many cases. The leaves are bonded organza and are either wired in bunches and attached to the main embroidery or they hang from it on drops of beading. A soldering iron has been used to add details to flowers, leaves and panel.

Lutradur Panels

Well I’ve had a lovely day playing with the Lutradur that Kim gave me and I’m pleased with the results. I used a plain piece of paper as i didn’t think they would turn out as well as they did and adhered the Lutradur directly on to it using my trusty old soldering iron friend to make designs in to it. I then peeled off any Lutrador not required leaving what i did want adhered to the surface. I over laid flowers and leaves on top of this and made marks in to them to adhere them also. They were then further decorated with machine stitchery and this afternoon i spent a pleasant couple of hours hand sewing in to them and adding beads and sequins along with pre  made organza leaves and flowers from my organza workshop scrap box